Elswick, Preston PR4 3UD

Node Details

Yaesu system Fusion Simplex Gateways


Thanks very much for your interest in our node.

For MB6IPR please tune your radio to 431.125Mhz >>┬áplease note that the Node is only operational for 8 Hours a day as per Ofcom terms…

For MB6PR please tune your radio to 144.8125Mhz >> This Node is operational 24 hours a day as per Ofcom terms…

You can check the status here.

This schedule will be used for the both nodes until a workaround has been found to use MB6IPR and MB6PR simultaneously.


Press and hold your Wires X button and you radio will send a request to our node radio and you should receive a conformation back if it is operational,

I shall be recording a video for YouTube showing how I access and use the node, I will post on the website once I have uploaded it so you can see how to use it properly.

From Wayne and I we thank you for your interest in our node and we would love to hear from you on our Contact page.

For more information please visit the RSGB UK Repeaters website & don’t forget to check out our guided tour!