Elswick, Preston PR4 3UD

Starting to build up the equipment!

Yaesu system Fusion Simplex Gateways

Starting to build up the equipment!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing well?

Another quick update for you all. Wayne has been busy tracking and acquiring the necessary parts needed for our 2m Fusion Gateway, he has found another Wires X box and has already registered it on the Fusion network. He is now in the process of sourcing a radio and antenna.

Other news is that I am defiantly going to be sitting my Intermediate exam soon! Not 100% when but I am hoping it won’t be too far away, I have been very busy revising and Wayne has been a huge help explaining loads of the electronic sides of things and I sat a mock exam yesterday and passed! My kit should also arrive early next week so I will be building that early next week also.

I really cannot wait to be finally progressing up the licenses and really enjoying the hobby especially as I have an outside antenna finally!

We hope to be getting the 2m gateway up and running within a few weeks, then it would allow even more people to access and enjoy our node.