Elswick, Preston PR4 3UD

We are going for a 2m Simplex Gateway!

Yaesu system Fusion Simplex Gateways

We are going for a 2m Simplex Gateway!

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well?


I just wanted to give you all a bit of an update! We have had some absolutely fantastic feedback regarding the Gateway! We have been quite surprised at just how far the reach is!

This got Wayne and I thinking…. Range!


When we initially went for our current NOV we did some testing from my house in Freckleton and Wayne’s location in Elswick and we found 70cms to work better, since we begun this journey we have now understood that a 2m gateway can be left unattended as is not the case with 70cms and also as we have been quite surprised with just how well things are working that we decided that 2m would increase that range further, and also if we have 2 NOV’s for both bands it would ultimately allow more people access.


Part of our thinking was also the fact that the cheapest Yaesu Fusion mobile radio is the FTM 3200DR allowing more people who cannot quite afford an FTM100DR at over £100 more!


If all goes well we will be applying for the NOV this Friday 2nd March 2018 so watch this space!


Other news!


I have always had a loft antenna and I am hoping to finally get my antenna outside next week! Good times to be had!