Elswick, Preston PR4 3UD

Welcome to MB6IPR & MB6PR Yaesu System Fusion Simplex Gateways.

Located in Elswick Preston

Located in Elswick,Preston

Located in the beautiful countryside surrounded by green fields

Diamond X300a Antenna

Erected 10 meters above ground on a Tenna Mast .

Labour of love

Started by G0HIJ & M6CEB, Father & Son team. This has been something we both have put a lot of time and effort into.

Our Technology – What is System Fusion?

System Fusion is Yaesu’s implementation of Digital Amateur Radio, utilizing C4FM 4-level FSK Technology to transmit digital voice and data over the Amateur radio bands. In the early 2000’s GMSK emerged in the Amateur radio market as the dominant digital mode, however in 2013 Yaesu introduced “System Fusion” which quickly became the dominating digital format in Amateur radio because of quality, reliability and enhanced performance in a wide range of environments.

Digital Communication modes have gained popularity over the years in the market because of superior performance in environments with interference, noise and other contributing factors that degrade the quality of a standard FM Analog signal. Narrower bandwidth and the need for increased spectrum have led to the development of digital communications technology, which has been widely adopted in the Public safety and private business sectors that use two-way radio technology. Unlike it’s commercial counterpart, System Fusion is an Amateur Friendly Digital Operating mode, straying away from some of the design considerations that make commercial solutions less appealing and more difficult for Amateur Radio Operators, providing a simpler interface and features that meet the demands and needs of the Amateur enthusiast specifically. Below you will find more information on this marvelous new technology, and how it can meet every operators demand and needs for a clear and simple Digital Experience.

The Four Operating Modes of System Fusion.

V/D (Digital Narrow) – Voice+Digital or “V/D” mode
Voice FR (VW) Mode – Utilizes all available bandwidth for high-fidelity voice operation, providing the most crystal clear of voice communications.

Highspeed Data
Transfer data such as images or text messages at full rate with speeds up to 9600 Bits-per-second

Analog FM Mode
Maintains backwards compatibility with existing Analog FM Equipment, allowing a wide range of users to experiment with System Fusion Digital.

Capabilities such as Automatic Mode Select (AMS) On the DR-1X Repeater allow an even wider range of users to communicate, by running the repeater in “Fixed FM” mode on Transmit, and “Automatic Mode Select” on receive the repeater will automatically detect the incoming signal and convert it to an Analog FM Transmission. This mode allows digital users to communicate with existing Analog FM users without the need to switch their radios into FM Mode, allowing crystal clear Digital reception into the repeater that is converted into a conventional FM Signal.

Easy Infrastructure Migration.

Migrating to System Fusion could never be easier! Since System Fusion enables the operator to quickly select operating modes using the revolutionary AMS (Automatic Mode Select) System, backwards-compatibility is fully maintained. Using the Yaesu DR-1X Repeater enables seamless integration with existing Analog systems.

Two main factors make System Fusion the ideal choice for existing infrastructure replacement:

Increased spectrum efficiency – Yaesu System Fusion allows a repeater trustee, club or group to install a Digital Repeater that is also analog, thus eliminating the need for an extra frequency pair to perform digital communications. By using the System Fusion DR-1X Repeater the trustee can add Digital AND Analog capabilities to an existing 2-Meter or 70CM Repeater pair without the need for an additional frequency pair that is dedicated to Digital Only communications.
Easy Installation and configuration – Most Yaesu System Fusion customers have reported replacing current infrastructure only takes about 15 minutes. Intuitive touch screen interfaces and simple programming make repeater installation a breeze.

Get started and feel free to use the node..

Meet Us

Wayne and Matt have come together to bring you the yaesu node and this website.


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